About Us

DEX Software Limited was formed in 2006 to provide a fast, extendable, low cost Data Transfer and Migration application commonly referred to as an ETL ( Extract, Transform, Load ) tool. Another design criteria was that the application should be configurable by a business user rather than a developer. The ETL Configuration Client is a straightforward application that is accessed by a web browser providing easy to follow configuration stages with Help text available at each stage.

Quite often, the key to success of a project is the ability to transfer and enhance data from one system to another, whether on a daily basis or as part of a data migration. A fast, reliable, flexible and extendable ETLtool really comes into its own in these situations.

The cornerstone to our success so far is our flexibility and meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Customer service is critical to our operation and to help build a good relationship with the client, a dedicated support person will be allocated to each so providing a consistent link between ourselves and the client.

DEX Software Limited 2006